Why Pressure Gauges Don’t Work on LPG Cylinders ?


With compressed gas bottles, pressure drops as the compressed gas is
used, so a pressure gauge will indicate the remaining gas level.

However, LPG is not compressed gas, it is liquefied gas.
The vapour pressure varies with outside temperature but not with the
level of gas in the bottle.

As LPG is a liquefied gas, the vapour pressure inside the cylinder
will remain the same from full until the last of the liquid LPG is

So, if your are trying to determine the level of LPG remaining,
pressure gauges don’t work at all.

Yesterday I started my day
bit early as I was planning to go to Pune for my business tour.
Checked my emails, did regular activities and went to gym.

While coming back I was preparing myself for hectic schedule, thinking
of meetings, presentations, production plans and service calls of the
day. Suddenly got distracted by loud horn blown by my driver and car
stopped at my residential complex gate.

He was trying to call watchmen/ Security guard to open it. I stopped
my driver and asked him to wait and not to blow horn.

Nobody came on gate to open it, I came out of my car and opened gate ,
asked driver to park the car and personally started searching security
guard. I found him immediately, he was just near gate and was cleaning
one old school bag thrown by some resident and very busy in it.

I went near to him, put my hand on his shoulder and asked “क्या कर रहे हो भाई?”

He was shocked and feared by looking at me, he understood his mistake
then started saying sorry to me for not opening door. I said ok to him
but I was more curious to know why he couldn’t listen horn and why so
busy with that school bag?

I asked him what exactly you are doing with this bag? He replied – ”
साहब, सोमवार से स्कुल शुरु हो रहे बच्चोंके , स्कुल बॅग नहीं था घरपर,
आज अचानक यहां किसीका पुराना पडा दिखाईं दिया , अच्छा लगा तो उसे साफ कर
रहा था।बच्चा बहोत खुश हो जायेगा , यह सोच रहा था तभी आप आ गए। ”

I felt ashamed and started thinking our own lifestyles still I asked
him did he purchased other things like notebooks, pen-pencil etc. He
said NO because contractor has not yet paid him salary.

I easily understood from his voice and eyes that he was feeling guilty
and was in huge pressure, that might be reason he could not even
listened loud horn of my car as his heart was beating more loudly than
anything else for his kid.

I gave him Rs.2000 at that time and I asked him to purchase things and
blessed for his kid. I left from there came home and got fresh up and
rushed to Pune for my scheduled work.

Whole day I was very busy and very hectic. I came very late to mumbai
around 4 am, was completely forgot watchmen’s episode.

Today around 8.30am someone ranged my door bell. I was very tired
still woke up and opened door with tired face. Surprised to see same
watchmen with one bag and Bill.

He saw me and understood I didn’t liked his arrival, after apologizing
he gave me bill and returned Rs. 600. Showed books and all other
accessories and said – “सर, चौदासौ रुपये खर्च हुए बाकी 600 रूपये वापस
देने आया हुॅं।”

I was thrilled with his attitudes and felt happy from bottom of my heart.

I saw satisfaction, happiness, and purity on his face but tears came
from my eyes looking at his honesty and transparency.

I am still feeling I didn’t helped him, fact is he only help me by
teaching such a good lesson of honesty.

Hats to him and may God bless all of us with same honesty, Pure mind
and helping hands.

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