The word #Training today has boiled down to a couple of hours or days of orientation to New Engineers.

I still recall the training experience in my first job as a Trainee #Engineer in a boiler Manufacturing company.

My boss called me after the joining documentation & told me that I will not sit in the office for 6 months.
instead, I had to be on the shop floor & study the manufacturing process and most importantly I will have to wear a boiler suit (Workers uniform) and not regular dress at all.

For a moment I wondered if I was in the right organization!!

What was I going to learn about Engineering while wearing workers’ dress & working like helpers & workers?

I am an Engineer & what’s going on in my life?

What role I have to perform in the manufacturing process as an engineer???

I would be permitted in office only for an hour every week to present my #learning of how various products were made, quality standards, types of welding, inward & outward of material, etc.

To be able to answer anything that I was asked, I even tried some of the activities & operations. 6 months later I finally got to be a part of the office team Got to participate in Factory meetings just to realize that I knew every person, operation & had a huge network on the shop floor that allowed me to contribute meaningfully to discussions!

I understood the language,
the issues,
the bluffs,
the excuses and most importantly current process are better than anyone else in the company.

(In first 6 months I took off only for 5 days; even on weekly off I use to do maintenance of machines in a factory) Training is an extremely important investment, especially in freshers, The output will surely be efficient & qualitative if the right skills are inducted.